Wedding Party

Libby Olson

Maid of Honor

Libby and Steph met while pledging the same sorority at Carthage College - Pi Theta. Pledging brought them closer, but they didn't become best friends until post-graduation, after getting jobs and moving to Chicago. After getting past their obvious height difference, they quickly realized that they shared a similar (odd) sense of humor, could support each other's shopping addictions and couldn't help but enjoy a good nightcap at one fine establishment: McD's. Meet Libby "Partner in Fries" Olson.

Coleen Halloran


Col and Steph have known each other the longest. They met while playing basketball in 7th grade. Steph was the awkward new girl and Col was her ever-so-sweet and welcoming self. They stayed close in high school and experienced countless tournaments, trips, boy drama, concerts, and life events together. Steph admires Col's amazing DIY skills and wishes she was half as good at those extrordinary fine motor skills, but until then, the two visit local fairs together and support Chicago makers. Meet Coleen "Happily Handmade" Halloran.

Kayla Killean


Kayla and Steph met their freshman year of high school, while playing softball. Steph had a car and Kayla didn't at the time, so it became a real "ride or die" relationship. :) They have fond memories of driving to Wilmette Beach in the summertime, blasting Chris Brown's "Forever" without a care in the world; amongst being side-by-side for just about every other major highlight (and lowlight) of Steph's life. Kayla is the realest person you'll ever meet and has a knack for grounding Steph when she has a tendency to get ahead of herself. Meet Kayla "Ride or Die" Killean.

Jessica Diffendal


Jessica (a.k.a. Diff) and Steph met their freshman year of high school, while playing basketball. They were both really good, but by their senior year, their basketball team was really, REALLY good (see Christina's bio below) that they became the bench mob duo...and loved every minute of supporting their team on their path to winning 4th in State. Cut to modern day because I'm not stuck in the past or anything, and Steph is constantly inspired by Diff's leadership and take no prisoners attitude. Meet Jessica "Boss Babe" Diffendal.

Colleen Weber


Colleen and Steph met while working at Steph's first real job - Olson PR agency. Colleen quickly took Steph under her wing and showed her the ropes of agency life and their friendship outside of the office naturally transpired. Fast forward seven years later, the two now work at MillerCoors together, thanks to a referral by Colleen, and Steph will still look to Colleen first and foremost for everything from a shoulder to lean on when she's stressed to a celebratory drink for a promotion. Meet Colleen "Work Wife" Weber.

Christina Dwyer


Christina and Steph met their freshman year of high school, while playing basketball and volleyball together. To be honest, Steph was terrified of Christina the first couple of years knowing her, because she was/is the epitome of an athlete and dominated every court or field she stepped foot onto. But then, they got to know each other off the court and the competitive edge faded. Christina has always been on an accelerated path in life - getting married, settling down in the 'burbs and having three kids before anyone else. Steph thanks Christina for always setting an example of what a beautiful and loving family can look like. Meet Christina "Teammate for Life" Dwyer.

Ani Grigorian


Ani and Steph met their freshman year of college, while rushing to join a sorority. True story: Steph blindly added Ani as a friend on Facebook because she thought they looked like one another...and Steph wanted to make more friends at school. They ended up joining the same sorority and were pretty inseparable, earning them the nickname, "StephANIe." Ani's fun-loving personality is contagious and Steph knows she can always turn to Ani for a good laugh and a night full of shenanigans. Meet Ani "Soul Sister" Grigorian.

Meredith (Clanfield) Ginther


Meredith is Will's sister and thus, the two met at Thanksgiving '15, where Steph was blown away by Meredith's baking skills. Still unable to settle their superfan differences between the world's best boy band being N*SYNC or Backstreet boys (BSB forever!), the two adopted their puppies around the same time and are united as dog moms. Constantly exchanging tips and tricks for bringing up their fur babies is what they love to talk about and Steph is excited to have a first-ever sister. Meet Meredith "Soon-to-Be Sister" Ginther.

Joe Paskov

Best Man

More than five years of living together, Joe and Will not only perfected the searing temperature for a grilled chicken breast on the stove top, but created a lasting friendship in the process. The two met at the University of Wisconsin, where they lived together for consecutive years and quickly became best friends over darts and replacing paper towels with coffee filters. Fast forward five years (and a few more years of living together), Will permanently moves in with his lifetime roomate, but promises to always stock one Will’s Northwood’s jumbo cup when Joe comes to visit.

Meet Joe “The Roomate” Paskov

Brent Clanfield


You may not believe it if I told you, but the same last name thing isn’t just a coincidence. Brent and Will have been brothers since pretty much forever, and have no plans to change that any time soon, despite the two attending rival colleges. Arguably the Clanfield with the best hair, Brent remains humble to this day and does his best to gloat about it often, but those attending the wedding this summer will undoubtedly notice his fabulous hair follicles.

Meet Brent “The Brother from the same mother” Clanfield

Ian Johnson


The resident Coloradan of the wedding party, Ian and Will met in college before moving to the same city - Chicago - shortly after graduation. During most springs, Ian and Will, along with a few other friends, take an annual trip down south where they share a love for the links and an unbelievably average ability to play golf. These days, between his numerous trips down Denver’s ski slopes, Ian continues to provide Will with updates on the latest news in hip hop and and the latest Badger football three-star recruits.

Meet Ian “The Skiman” Johnson

Charlie Pope


Despite having to look at each other’s faces 8+ hours every day, Charlie and Will continue to be unlikely friends in and outside of the workplace. While they met in Wisconsin, Charlie and Will work together at Mobile Doorman these days. A sailing enthusiast and fellow guitar player, you’ll be sure to spot Charlie at the reception by his perfectly manicured beard.

Meet Charlie “The Colleague” Pope

Sam Deluca


While some may argue whose birthday is more important, Sam and Will begrudgingly share Nov. 9th as a birthday. As is tradition, Will and Sam also will be sharing a similar date for another milestone this year, as Sam and his fiancé Ashley will be getting married a few weeks before Will and Steph. A fellow Badger and notorious wing-enthusiast, you can find Sam and his signature dance move at the reception this June.

Meet Sam “The Body” DeLuca

Jon Keller


Jon and Will initially met at their public relations agency, Zeno Group, where the two quickly bonded over their love of music and the need to be constantly caffeinated. Even after Will left Zeno, Jon and Will continued to keep daily communication, typically fueled by fiery hot takes on the future of the Chicago Bears, rooting on opposite sides of the Crosstown Classic and how many sports podcasts the two of them can juggle combined.

Meet Jon “The White Sox Fan” Keller

Bob Matteson


Bob and Will were connected by their lovely fiancés three years ago during a more than four hour drive to northern Wisconsin in a cramped car. 20 minutes into the drive, the duo quickly realized their two companions were getting in the way of a friendship soon to be founded on a shared love of dogs, chicago sports and other dogs. In an effort to hang out more, Bob proposed Will come work for his startup, Mobile Doorman. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bob “The Boss” Matteson

Dan Zipp


While soon to be brothers-in-law by marriage, Dan Zipp (or as some call him, Ppiznad) and Will are friends at the core. Whether rocking out at Riot Fest or on the hunt for good Mexican food, Dan and Will always seem to have a great time while they're both back in Chicago. And when Will is out visiting the resident Californian (and budding movie star), you can be sure they’ll be finding a more-than-difficult mountain to hike up on the coast.

Meet Dan “The Mountain Man” Zipp
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